Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012

Well another week down in Mexico, only a few to go haha!

This week was great. Just another normal week really but we feel we
accomplished a lot.

The spanish is still coming along. Still have trouble understanding
what's being said. I can definitley see my speaking improve. Everyone
just says it will just click one day and I'm pretty sure that's what is
going to happen.

I see advertisments of movies all over buses, catching glances of
things from back home and just thinkng how lucky we are in the US. A
lot of people here do whatever they can just to makes ends meet, even
if it means duct taping their car together, washing their car with
newspaper, living with other families. But there have been times when
all 5 of us missionaries have visited a one room house, dirt floors, 1
bed, pretty, much nothing in the house and they sign up every week to
feed us for la comida.

Well story for this week.... we visited a place called San Juan de
Dios. We went there and basically just bought jerseys. I have about 7
jersys now and I didnt even spend $100 bucks. Haha you can pretty much
buy anything here you can in the US but a lot cheaper you just need to
know where to find it. I will try to think of a bunch of funny things
to tell you next week.

Well I'm excited to come home and see Avengers, Batman, and all those
awesome movies that will be coming out. I love you all and I will
hear from you next week!

MOM and DAD I sent my letter today and I think it takes 3 weeks to
arrive so look forward to that soon


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