Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 6

Date: February 07, 2012
Area: MTC

Well the weeks just seem to fly by at this point. It seems like I just 

sent out a general e mail to all of you a few days ago. 

It turns out the whole prophet visiting was just a rumor but we did have 

2 Apostles come visit that night, which is still a huge deal. We had 

Russel M. Nelson and Jeffery R. Holland. Elder Nelson dedicated all 

the buildings again and was able to dedicate the new buildings that 

are just about to be completed. He did that in front of all the 

missionaries. That was definatly a cool expierence. 


One experience I would like to share with everyone is when we visited 

the Temple this last Sunday. We were all just out for a walk to the 

Temple and we rarely see other people there. So when we got to where 

all the benches were, I noticed 2 Hispanic people with a child. This 

child was about 10 or so and they were all reading the Book of Mormon. 

I decided to walk over and talk with them. I started off in English 

but when I found out that the father spoke very little English I 

immediately switched to EspaƱol. I asked, ¿Puede compartir me 

testimonio para ustedes (can I share my testimony with you) the woman 

said yes. In complete Spanish I stared off telling her that I knew 

that the book she was reading was the word of God. I told her that I 

knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he was visited by Jesus and His 

father. I also said I knew that through the power of God he was able 

to translate that book. I told her that I was thankful for my family 

and the oppotunity to learn and teach about the Atonement. I told her 

this was the true church and that I was thankful for the opportunity 

to be a part of it. 


When i was about halfway done bearing my testimony to this woman that 

I had never met before, she started to cry. She told me afterward 

that she was able to understand every word I said and thanked me for 

sharing my testimony with her. She had been a member for 13 years 

while her husband only 2 years. She often goes to sit outside the 

Temple with her family in hopes that one day she will not have to go 

in alone. Her husband still has not recieved the priesthood and seemed 

to stuggle with his testimony. This woman I talked to seemed to have a 

very stong testimony and said that when I find the rest of her family 

down in Guadalajara that I need to promise her that I will share my 

testimony with them too. 


What a powerful and uplifing that expierence was for me. If I get to 

do that every day down in Mexico it will be so easy. I love all of you 

and hope that you all have had a terrific week! 


I will keep in touch as often as I can.


Love, Elder Hosch

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