Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last week at the MTC

Date: February 21, 2012
Area: MTC

Another week down and less than one to go.

So it turns out that visas have not been getting done on time so I will be re-assigned this week. I will find out on Thursday where I will temporarily be re-assinged to. I am excited about this opportunity to visit and serve another part of the world before I head out to
Mexico. I am hoping to go to New York or somewhere in California. We will find out in just a few short days!

Our whole district got to become hosts for the new missionaries last Wed and will get to do that again tomorrow. Basically our job is
to take a few Elders on a tour of the MTC, show them where their room and classrooms are, and help gather all their materials. It is also
basically our job to drag the missionaries away from their crying parents, friends, girlfriends, and families. Seeing all the crying
people made me miss all of you so much!! I wont admit that I cried at
one point, but it was a really good expierence.

We have been teaching 2 investigators here in the MTC and they both
will be baptized this Saturday (they are our teachers who act as a person they taught while they were in the field). Since this is my last P-day time is short and there is lots to do
before we leave here in a few days. Thanks for all the love and

You will all definatly in the back of my head these next two years as
I am out serving. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Hosch

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