Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 1 in Mexico

Date: March 12, 2012

Hello from Guadalajara, Mexico,
Well this has definitely been one of the hardest weeks yet. My companion's name is Elder Carter from Az, he´s white haha. Well so far things have been tough but at the same time very good. There have been several times where i just want to go home, but there are also those times where it is great. We have no food in the house, they gave me no money on the card I'm suppose to have, the language is tough to understand, it´s super hot, no water, and everone seems to know about SB10-70 and how ¨racist¨ we are. Every single type of drug is allowed here in small quanities, including being allowed to be drunk in public, drink and drive, and you can drive pretty much at any age. It´s crazy, there seem to be no traffic laws here, everyone just drives wherever they want to. Its funny you´ll see a family of 5 all on one motorcycle. Mom in back, dad driving. One kid is in between mom and dad, sometimes another in front of dad too and the mother is holding an infant in one arm so the baby is haning off the side. Things here are so hard but im not coming home until i know ive given 100 percent.

So yes today was p day and the whole district met and we played futbol together. We all took a bus down to the main shopping area and i got some cool nike futbol shoes. we also all ate little ceasers right by a walmart. Well my area is called Tapatio. Basically the whole area is hills and exactly what you would think Mexico is. Houses are small, nobody has carpet, and everyone turns part of there house into a small store kinda like your mexican 7-11. Well since Ihave no money right now I've basically just eaten lunch that members provide, and thats my only meal. There have been a few times we have gotten snacks and a coke at night but only a few.

Well not everything is negitive here. There is this one house we knocked and the guy let us in his ¨front porch¨ before we even said hello. As we talked with him Iunderstood a few things he was saying and Iundertood him say I ant to feel more peace and happiness in my life. So Ipulled out my picture book of Jesus being baptized and told him that Jsus set this example for us and how we can become happy. I then invited him to be baptized with a date and he said yes. (well he actually said creo que sí) ¨ That was a great expierence and Ilike all the Eders in my district.

There are 5 total white and about 11 natives. I understand more every day but people talk fast and at times its really hard.

On a side note, never send any money or any packages. My comp said that he found out his family sent like 6 packages and none came. Dont even risk it just save all the money. yeah culture shock is definaly in effect right now. I wish any of this was fun but well see how it goes. even church didnt feel right. SO strange. Not becuase i couldnt understand but almost nobody dresses up, they end church whenever they feel like there done. Well time was short online this week but hopefuly this week goes better. Love you!!

Bye family, Love elder hosch

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