Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 5

Date: January 31, 2012
Area: MTC

Well another week down!
Tonight we are anticipating over 200 guests! We believe the Prophet will be here tonight so that will be a once in a lifetime expierence as a missionary.

Well this has been a pretty average week. Classes are going great and the Spanish is definitly improving. I like being here and having the opportunity to get to know myself. Living on my own has made me really think about all the things at home and there is a lot that I miss.
I still love every Tuesday we get the international missionaries in our floor and we get to hear all sorts of stories. Last week we had a 6 foot 5 Elder from Jamaica.

We have a guy in our zone from Yorkshire, England. Yeah for all of you who thought that Spanish was funny when Mexicans speak it, let me tell you I wanna laugh so hard when this elder speaks Spanish with an English accent. We're good friends, though, and after my mission he wants me to visit him in England. That would be great.
Well I hope all of you guys are doing well. all is good here in Utah.
Great weather right now.

Time is short today and I will try to have more interesing e mail next week. LOVE AND MISS ALL OF YOU
Love always,
Elder Hosch

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