Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Date: January 10, 2012
Area: MTC

Well this has yet been another great week at the MTC. It went by faster than last week for sure. I have seen Dallin Ray, Trey Reed, Todd Shumway, Clint Farnsworth, Brandon Talbot (Josh went to school with him), and one of Casey Michaels companions is my teacher. His name is Hermano Bills.
Anyway, last saturday when we woke up, we had gotten about a half foot of snow. From what i have heard it was the first snow they have had all winter. It was great to be in the snow again. It puts you in a different kind of mood.
Thank you for all the letters and yes dad I did recieve the package for new years. Our district didnt do anything special for new years just another day. Everyone else had parents send them Martinellies and cups and all the other people who have been here for more than a few weeks celebrated. Its crazy to see the diversity of people here. There are a small group of people speaking Hmomb, or Mong, or Mogn idk how to spell it but I have never heard it before.
Classes are getting more interesting. We now have 2 investigators that we will be teaching, one every day, for the rest of the time we are here. All the lessons have to apply to them, have to be in 100% spanish, and about 30 minutes long. It's a challenge right now but I hear it gets really easy.
Being away from home is hard at times but looking forward to what I'll be doing I think I'll be so glad to come home 2 years from now and feel like I've helped a lot of people down in Mexico. It's so good to hear that Jake made it home safe. I really am gonna miss that guy. Seeing everyone in the ward is gonna be crazy when I get back. Everyone will look so grown up. All the priests that are home now will be gone serviing missions, and all the teachers will be preparing to go.
I think if you guys attached pictures we can look at them. I've seen several other people doing it so im 99% sure we can look at them.
I have memeory cards that I need to send home but dont know the best way to do it. Also, i mentioned in one of my letters that you may not have gotten yet, that I found an extra jacket i would like to send home.
I'll talk to you guys next week! letters would always be nice now matter how long or short they are.

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