Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Date: March 26, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Elder Carter

Well everyone I survived another week here,
Thanks for all the e-mails everyone. Hearing about your stuggles makes me smile because im going through the exact same things RIGHT NOW haha. Looking back and my mission so far it seems like I've been gone for about a year. Hard to believe it's only been just barely 3 months.

But then again, just seeing the faith that I have now, the lives I feel I've changed already, and my own life I've changed, it's all been worth it so far. I definitely feel the prayers from home. There are times when you just wanna turn around and go home and end the day, but for some reason a drunk/high guy walks up to us and just makes us laugh. Oddly, it just makes me want to work harder. But whatever the reason, working harder and focusing on the people is truely the best way to make the time fly. My spanish is still bad enough for all the people to give me a confused look at times, but its all good. I'll get it down.

Tarik, thanks for the jerky and the pic of you and your family. The jerky lasted me about half a day, but un upset estomago full of jerky is a happy one. I definatly miss the Priests and and spanding time with you on outings. when i return in 19 months we need to go fishing, and catch some nice fish! (not the ¨fish¨ we found on our last outing during our cliff jumping)
Marc, Volleyball and sports in general have always been a passion of mine and look forward to play again with you and my family again.

Also, basketball and turkey ball and whatever other sports we do!
Thanks for all the support and the letters!

Bishop, since day one of you being the bishop, i remember one of the first things you said was that you want to make it a goal of yours to make sure every young man gets on a mission and i was really worried for awhile i wasnt going to go. i can tell you i am so glad that i am here for many reasons.
I love all of you and look forward to sharing more expierences with you in the week that follows. Until next week!!

Elder Hosch

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