Monday, October 14, 2013

Well we werent able to baptise anyone in Manatiales (my last area) but im sure here well have a better chance. The area of the ZL´s is always better :)
I feel like I've learned a lot lately about the importance of really living the Gospel. At times I feel that it's ok to do small things because they don't affect me or others as much but I learned that they do! So i guess i learned that the trials in our lives are to test us. that is what God's plan is, to be tested. Sometimes we pass those tests and receive a confirmation of our testimony, or we're miserable and sometimes we gain a testimony after. I guess like it says in Ether that the testimony comes AFTER the trial of our faith.
The mission seems to be growing and an incredible rate. We have 205 missionarys and Pres said that about half the mission has less than 6 months in the field.... we are a young mission right now! A lot of all my good buddys went home today. Elder Jones (Cam you'll know him) Elder Smelser (Todds cousin) and a few other that you guys wouldnt' know. Actually, I think Todd is home now? Who knows... haha.
I am grateful to all of you who send letters and e mail supporting me out here. It makes all the difference in the world when there is support from home and the other side of the veil. Now is my time to shine and do all i can and leave it all out here. When i come home with a Mexican accent you all have my permission to laugh and make fun :) it will make it fun :) Take care for now.
Scripture of the week. Alma 25:25. it talks about the importance of scripture study and how we should never be decieved. MEMORIZE IT.
With love and a whole lot of affection,
Elder Hosch

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well, we are now in October! Can you guys believe it? It's crazy to think I'll be home next month. I enjoyed the conference and yes, we watched it live feed. I guess that's a good thing about being here in Mexico is that almost everything is translated instantly. We get Liahonas, the conference DVDs,, Preach My Gospel, pretty much everything right away. I was thinking about that and I was wondering if Adam will have all that stuff in his mission. I used Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon to learn Spanish. I hope Adam gets all that stuff in Cebuano. By the time Adam gets this message he will be in  his assigned mission, woot woot!

We still only have 2 investigators and I'm kind of getting bummed thinking that I won't baptize again before I leave. But I think I can baptize at least 1 more. There is a guy who calls us to put appointments but makes it hard for him to progress. 

It's good to hear that rowing is going good and that you haven't fallen in the water...yet.  Every scout outing there was always at least one boat that was turned over but I'm guessing part of that is that we wanted to get in the water. I'm not sure that your group, Mom, wants to go swimming. Sounds like the training for Ironman, Dad, continues. Soon we can train a little here and there together. I would love to go swimming at the lake the first Saturday I'm home, or even Friday. I'm down! Haha, look at me, I'm already making plans for what I'm going to do when I get home :).  


Elder Hosch (Jeremy!)


Well things this week just flew by! It's hard to believe that I now will be home in less than 2 months. I'm sure the time will continue to go by fast.

Seems like the rowing classes are going well and that you're starting to look confident out on the water. I'm sure it's fun to get out of the house and do something fun, right? Seems like things are busy as always there in AZ.  Cam said it is starting to cool down. He says that there is actually cold and hot water instead of hot and hotter!

Things in the mission are going pretty well. I'm anxious to come home but I'm also kinda wishing that it wasn't coming to an end. I feel ready to start to study and work and progress with things. I'm pretty sure that I'll come back to Mexico in less than a year but we'll see how things go.

It's so cool to hear that Adam got his travel plans and that he will be headed to his assigned mission here very soon. How exciting! It's great to see all the pictures and Adam looks super excited and ready to start serving the Lord.

We helped a guy move on Saturday, it was actually kind of fun. We made a lot of small trips because we only used a small pickup truck, but we had fun getting to know the brother better. His name is Thomas. He gives us food once a week from his sandwich stand. They are yummy! I have to take a picture of it and send it to you guys.

Soon enough I'll be home to tell you guys a lot more stories from the mish. It's hard to think on Mondays the things I want to say to you guys, but during the week I feel like I think of a ton of things that I forget to say. I love you guys a ton and next week is conference week. So we'll see what Tommy Boy has in store for us!

Oh! I just remembered! One guy came from my last ward to visit me yesterday. He took us out to eat and he straight up told us we could eat wherever and whatever we want. Since I've been doing a lot of exercise lately and not eating a lot and eating really healthy, I haven't stuffed myself in 2 months. Yesterday I had 4 drinks (3 juice and 1 coke), 2 hamburgers, and 13 tacos. Yummy! I was so full it was coming out my ears! I put a ton of chili on so we'll see how "spicy" it is later on, heehee!

Take care and try not to miss me too, just kidding. Miss me a lot so we can have a blast when I get home. Tell the Z band I say hello!

Elder Hosch