Saturday, November 30, 2013

Well guys this is it! I will be home in less than a week and I'm kinda freaking out a bit. I'm kinda nervous to start school and everything but I think im ready. Mom, I'm sure you're in meetings right now and Dad is on his way home. I think that because you're not responding!!! Haha its ok I'll be home to talk with you guys really soon. 

Things went really well with the president and his wife. They gave us mashed potatoes, nice meat and garlic bread. It was pretty good, I have no complaints. Just made me realize how much I'm going to miss Mexican food. 

I offically hate guadalajara. i put in my memory and lost ALL my pictures... again. oh well, im glad i sent home the ones i liked. here is the only picture i have but i guess you guy will enjoy the lst moments that i  had with my mission presidente and his wife and pretty much a lot of my buddies here in the mission.

I hope you're all well and that the next few days go by fast so that i can see you guys soon! iIlove you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well guys, this may be my last P day! Its been great to have talked with all of you throughout the mission and share my many experiences. I am glad to say that this weekend we will have another baptism! Our investigator has already decided that I will baptize her so that i can have´´the grand finish´´. It's truly been quite an experience teaching her. Many missionaries before have taught many things and she just didnt want to accept. She hesitated us visiting her in the beginning but after teaching with scriptures and helping her understand what we were teaching her attitude changed and she was more interested in the message. 

I think that i mentioned that we had interviews with our mission president last week, and we did! He decided to do my final interview. So, Presidente basically said thanks for my service, asked to share with him a few things and said that i should but a goal to get married within the next few years. It was pretty strange hearing my mission president say those kinds of things and i laughed for feeling a little uncomfortable, he did too. It was a good interview and he helped me realized that my mission was to help ME more than it was to help others. We learn by serving others and it was just a good and spiritual interview.

The members are spoiling me this week. I have a good bye party thursday and friday. Thursday they will make me bbq ribs and friday tacos with a bunch of good meat of which i do not know the english name. Basically its really good meat filled with grease, aka the best meat for basically ANY type of food. I think sometimes the memebrs are more excitied that i get to see my family than i am sometimes, they make me laugh.

IM still not sure if i will have time to write this monday but if not ill see you guys over there in the good ole USA and we can talk in person. :) This week we have many appointments and a lot to do wo im sure it will fly by and the week will be over before i even realize it. Im super glad that many of you have supported me during my mission, the prayers and the letters. I miss you all and im bummed that the ward will not be the same ward that i left but i never told people anything but that i was representing Fairview ward :) I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Jeremy Roland Hosch

November 18, 2013

So i opened up my e-mail today and found that the mission office sent me my last 2 week package. Basically it just says that i need to work hard even though i have two weeks left and that i should make it a goal to baptize me last week here. As you guys know, we had a baptism planned last weekend and im glad to tell you all that it was a success! She chose me to baptise her so it was an honor to be able to be part of that. She was already well prepaired by the Lord for us so that helped a lot as well. 

The other investigator that we have has recieved her answer! We have familiy home evenings every sunday in the house of a member. The investigator is the daughter of the sister who has the family home evenings every sunday. T, our investigator, has talked with missionaries before but never saw the need to get baptized. My companion has taught me that we never need to tell people that our church is the only church, and we should never say that the other churches are in the wrong, but that we should teach using pure doctrine and they well start to see that we have all that Jesus Christ established here in the Earth 2000 years ago. Her prayers are so sincere and we see a lot of progress lately. In the beginning she had a negitive attitude about learning and didnt even want to hear the word baptism, but now her only worries that we see is choosing who will baptize her my last weekend here in México.

Wow, i cant believe the things that i have learned the last few weeks here in the mission. I was always so focused on the people getting baptized that i forgot that they have their agency and that they will have to make thier own choices. If i just teach with the Spirit and allow them to understand the doctrine of Christ, they will choose to be baptized if it is there time. If they are not ready, well i just have to understand that they arent ready and keep healing them progress.

Another natural disaster in Adam´s mission....How scary but im sure your learning a lot right now huh bud? i miss you man! i think the power went out here once for a day or so but other than that nothing too major has happened here. 

The work continues strong here in our area. We meet new less active members almost every day and that helps us keep working. At times as missionaries get into the habit of visiting the same people and we dont see to much progress but i think that its been a blessing that my companion and i dont know our area and that we can keep getting to know people and offer them service. The bishop told us that there hadnt been baptisms in over 6 months here in our area even though there are 4 missionaries so we felt really special to have baptized in a short amount of time that we have here. We will hopefully baptize again next weekend as i mentioned earlier.

I heard a christmas song yesterday and it brought a huge smile to my face. I think part of it is that i know that ill be home again for christmas and the other part is that i have always love chirstmas time. Ill go to wal mart every day just to see and smell christmas stuff!! hahaha

I look forward to seeing yall very soon. Pray for T so that she can be baptized the next weekend! i love you guys!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Well we werent able to baptise anyone in Manatiales (my last area) but im sure here well have a better chance. The area of the ZL´s is always better :)
I feel like I've learned a lot lately about the importance of really living the Gospel. At times I feel that it's ok to do small things because they don't affect me or others as much but I learned that they do! So i guess i learned that the trials in our lives are to test us. that is what God's plan is, to be tested. Sometimes we pass those tests and receive a confirmation of our testimony, or we're miserable and sometimes we gain a testimony after. I guess like it says in Ether that the testimony comes AFTER the trial of our faith.
The mission seems to be growing and an incredible rate. We have 205 missionarys and Pres said that about half the mission has less than 6 months in the field.... we are a young mission right now! A lot of all my good buddys went home today. Elder Jones (Cam you'll know him) Elder Smelser (Todds cousin) and a few other that you guys wouldnt' know. Actually, I think Todd is home now? Who knows... haha.
I am grateful to all of you who send letters and e mail supporting me out here. It makes all the difference in the world when there is support from home and the other side of the veil. Now is my time to shine and do all i can and leave it all out here. When i come home with a Mexican accent you all have my permission to laugh and make fun :) it will make it fun :) Take care for now.
Scripture of the week. Alma 25:25. it talks about the importance of scripture study and how we should never be decieved. MEMORIZE IT.
With love and a whole lot of affection,
Elder Hosch

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well, we are now in October! Can you guys believe it? It's crazy to think I'll be home next month. I enjoyed the conference and yes, we watched it live feed. I guess that's a good thing about being here in Mexico is that almost everything is translated instantly. We get Liahonas, the conference DVDs,, Preach My Gospel, pretty much everything right away. I was thinking about that and I was wondering if Adam will have all that stuff in his mission. I used Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon to learn Spanish. I hope Adam gets all that stuff in Cebuano. By the time Adam gets this message he will be in  his assigned mission, woot woot!

We still only have 2 investigators and I'm kind of getting bummed thinking that I won't baptize again before I leave. But I think I can baptize at least 1 more. There is a guy who calls us to put appointments but makes it hard for him to progress. 

It's good to hear that rowing is going good and that you haven't fallen in the water...yet.  Every scout outing there was always at least one boat that was turned over but I'm guessing part of that is that we wanted to get in the water. I'm not sure that your group, Mom, wants to go swimming. Sounds like the training for Ironman, Dad, continues. Soon we can train a little here and there together. I would love to go swimming at the lake the first Saturday I'm home, or even Friday. I'm down! Haha, look at me, I'm already making plans for what I'm going to do when I get home :).  


Elder Hosch (Jeremy!)


Well things this week just flew by! It's hard to believe that I now will be home in less than 2 months. I'm sure the time will continue to go by fast.

Seems like the rowing classes are going well and that you're starting to look confident out on the water. I'm sure it's fun to get out of the house and do something fun, right? Seems like things are busy as always there in AZ.  Cam said it is starting to cool down. He says that there is actually cold and hot water instead of hot and hotter!

Things in the mission are going pretty well. I'm anxious to come home but I'm also kinda wishing that it wasn't coming to an end. I feel ready to start to study and work and progress with things. I'm pretty sure that I'll come back to Mexico in less than a year but we'll see how things go.

It's so cool to hear that Adam got his travel plans and that he will be headed to his assigned mission here very soon. How exciting! It's great to see all the pictures and Adam looks super excited and ready to start serving the Lord.

We helped a guy move on Saturday, it was actually kind of fun. We made a lot of small trips because we only used a small pickup truck, but we had fun getting to know the brother better. His name is Thomas. He gives us food once a week from his sandwich stand. They are yummy! I have to take a picture of it and send it to you guys.

Soon enough I'll be home to tell you guys a lot more stories from the mish. It's hard to think on Mondays the things I want to say to you guys, but during the week I feel like I think of a ton of things that I forget to say. I love you guys a ton and next week is conference week. So we'll see what Tommy Boy has in store for us!

Oh! I just remembered! One guy came from my last ward to visit me yesterday. He took us out to eat and he straight up told us we could eat wherever and whatever we want. Since I've been doing a lot of exercise lately and not eating a lot and eating really healthy, I haven't stuffed myself in 2 months. Yesterday I had 4 drinks (3 juice and 1 coke), 2 hamburgers, and 13 tacos. Yummy! I was so full it was coming out my ears! I put a ton of chili on so we'll see how "spicy" it is later on, heehee!

Take care and try not to miss me too, just kidding. Miss me a lot so we can have a blast when I get home. Tell the Z band I say hello!

Elder Hosch

Monday, September 23, 2013


Well after a long weekend im here again in Morelia. I had to go to Guadalajara to sign papers. Apparently an Elder that works in the offices lost about 80,000 pesos and we had to sign something saying that we had nothing to do with it or something like that so i had a little mini vacation. It was good to see all the guys from my generation again. A lot of them know their flight plans and everything. I still dont know mine but you guys will know when i do dont worry :)
Things are starting to pick up here in the area. thanks for the prayers and everything. There have been a lot of those weird situations when we find people out of nowhere. We still dont know them really well but we will try to visit them all this week and make sure that they start to progress. The mission is changing fast and its wierd that its all coming to an end...
Adam its great to hear that all is going well with the language. It seems super tough and so im super happy that you are getting the hang of it! im glad also that you are super pumped to be in the mission. im super glad that you and i can share this time both as ELDERS.
It seems like just 2 weeks ago dad told me about his triathalon. Im sure it went super well and you felt good to be with the AZtriclub again. Thats one thing i regret is leaving the Hoschiman and AZtriclub shirts at home but real soon ill be able to sport them again. Well have to start training together, i know its a bit easier that way.
Zone conference was good, good and long. 7 hours was a little brutal but its always nice to be with the President and his wife. He seems a lot more relaxed this time and was even joking around a bit. He has always been a straight edged guy so it was cool to see him loosen up. They are focusing a lot on learing the language in the mission. Even the latin missionaries are to learn english in their missions and its cool that everyone comes to me asking for help.
Well folks, thats it for this week. I love you all and thanks so much for the support and and all that is done for the work of the Lord. Everyone take care!
Elder Hosch

well guys here is the weekly report! 
We found a new investigator that seems like he could progress real 
fast and he went to church on sunday with his less active girlfriend. 
Thats how we found him... we have few investigators but they seem like 
they really wanna hear the Gospel so thats a plus right? 
I had a great birthday and enjoyed all the birthday wishes from all of 
you. I get along super well with my companion so that always makes the 
mission fun. Today we celebrated the mexican indepenence day. They 
take 1000s of military and march around Mexico City so it was kinda 
interesting to see. We ate whats call eggs in their soup. it was 
basically chile in scrambled eggs. i really enjoyed it. of course we 
ate it with tortilla :) the food here is amazing and its funny that i 
dont really miss too many things from home. there have been a few 
things but im doing just fine! 
Its kinda cool being one of the older missionaries. We had divisions this weekend and i was with a brand new elder from Indiana and he didnt speak a lick of spanish. im so 
glad that i dont struggle with that anymore. I enjoy speaking spanish 
and i think it will become part of my future job...well see... 
We have zone conference this wed with pres. I always enjoy them 
because its always nice to just sit down and relax. We talk about a 
lot of things and almost every zone conference there are big changes 
so well see what the pres has in store for us this week. 
I am still in Morelia but im not sure what the address is. i always 
want to write it down so you guys can google map it but i always 
Well we gotta go we have a family home evening today and we gotta get 
prepared for it so wish us luck!! hope everyone is well and i miss 
you all. take care and ill talk to yall next week! 
elder hosch 
09/09 --- 21st birthday!

21 years old and wiser too, no really I'm really smart, at least what everyone says cause my hair continues to fall out. I just tell them im so cheap I don't wanna waste money on haircuts so I train myself to let my hair fall out... they all get a laugh.

It's been super good to hear from many members and friends and all the birthday wishes. The card you sent dad was super funny with the dinosaur, 创..but nobody ever helps me take it off创 GREAT STUFF. Things here in Morelia are going really great right now. My companion is from Mexico and is a Marine. He keeps trying to convince me to join, especially because of the stuff happening in Syria right now. I have no idea why all the wars and fighting but I guess it's just evidence of the second coming, right?

I'd like to let everyone know that I have the greatest parents in the world! I'm glad to hear of all the progress in the family, ward, and work. You guys are great and I'm so glad to represent the Lord and the ward. I know that there were changes in the ward but I still represent all the Fairview ward! woot woot!

Thanks to everyone for the support during all the preparation to the mission and during. It's so amazing to see the sacrifices that people make for the missionaries. It's great to be a part of this fast-changing and growing missionary work. It's hard but its also fun to go through all these new programs. I finally have the chance to be the example for all these new and younger missionaries.

I love you guys and I hope to see ya'll Thanksgiving day!

创obidience brings blessings, exact obidience brings miracles创 (wow that was hard to spell in english lol)

爀lder hosch


The days are flying by, I'll be home in less than 100 days! We had changes so I'm now 30 minutes from where I was and I'm with Elder De La Cruz. I met him about a year ago and am super excited to be his companion.

I might do boxing workouts when I get home!


Wow, it's so hard to believe that Adam will be leaving. It's also weird to be in the process of everyone joking around with me saying that I am going home so soon. I's hard to believe. I'm ready, though. I feel like it anyway. I've seen videos of Landon and heard you (mom) and Josh and Jess in the background, how weird that is!

This week was really interesting. I went to the hospital twice for two different reasons. Tuesday we noticed something on my upper lip. After we got done eating the same day, no nose started to inflate like a balloon. Pus started to come out so we went to the hospital to check it out. Turns out I've got a skin infection. I got medicine and rested for two days and later had an allergic reaction. My neck and face started to get red spots all over it and it itched really bad. My eyes had grey bubbles in them. I'm good for right now, seems like we are going to get soaking wet because it's pouring out.

Til next time.

Elder Hosch (Jeremy, since now there are two!)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey guys! So this week went well.  We had a baptism this week. His sister was just baptized a few weeks ago so it's good that he is baptized now.  How are things going? They sound a little crazy right now. Landon looks so much bigger in pictures and seems to be a happy kid.  Adam will be leaving, Austin is starting school again, Josh is married with a kid and I'm still gone!  Hay mucho....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Well i am no longer in guadalajara. I am now in Morelia, Michoacán. My new companions name is Elder Romero. I'll send pictures later on of us. 

Well the last week with Elder Escobar was pretty good. we saw a miracle. J.A. met with us thursday to talk about what had happened. We talked for almsost 2 hours. He called us Friday morning and said that he was ready to be baptised. So we ran to the church and started preparing a baptism. He was baptised friday around 5:30.

Sunday was just a terrible day for me. J.A. didn't get confirmed because he slept in..... We had another baptism in the church for a kid who turned 8 in the ward, and while we were in the service, some guy came in to the church and stole my backpack. All that was in there was my spanish BoM, a little bible, and thats all. but still, seriously!!! AHHH

After that, I helped put away those big circular tables that every church has, and I fell. The table leaned too far forward when I tried opening a door and totally embarrassed myself. Like they say, when it rains,  it pours. The next table I tried putting away broke........ yeah, I leaned it on its side and the whole entire leg just snapped. Yet again, the same people that saw me fall, and helped look for my backpack, saw me break the table. Anyway, just wasn't a lucky day to say the least.

I got on email a little late this week because of transfer that we had but I'll let you know how things go this week in Morelia. I always liked it here in Michoacan, so we'll see if it stays that way. I love you guys, it's good to see Adam's preparations. He looked really happy in the picture with his missionary stuff!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Coming Home Date!

Hi everyone,

So it's official, Elder Hosch will be released November 28, 2013. That happens to be Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., one of my favorite holidays.

It's been a long time (over a year!) since I have updated this blog for him - my blogging skills are really slipping! I also lost the password to the blog and finally figured it out...

He's had an interesting time learning the language and has been sick way more often than he ever is at home. It's been a real challenge; but he's also experience real success and has learned a lot and has grown a lot.

He is currently training a brand new companion and has been enjoying that experience.

I can't explain these pictures! He sends them without explanations, but I'm sure the frog stand on the roof had something to do with being young with a need for some fun and entertainment!