Tuesday, May 1, 2012

January 3, 2012
Hello everyone!

This has been a very interesting week thus far in the MTC. The first few days were so long and slow. The days seem to go by faster and faster now. I feel like im already in the swing of things and the language is constantly developing. I can already say simple prayers, basic testimony, some conversation, and teaching. I actually have 2 companions. Both Elders are from Idaho. There names are Elder O'Brien and Elder Terrill, both are going to Guadalajara East Mexico.

Food here is amazing. 3 times a day I get to induldge in an endless buffet. If Icome back fat, it is all the MTC's fault. haha. Our district consists of 9 people. Everyone in there is going to Mexico. 4 Elders are going to Chihuahua and the rest to Guadalajara East.

How are the PHX SUNS doing? I really wish the NBA could figure out what they were doing 2 months ago. i was only able to watch a few Lakers and Magic games. Basketball here is really fun. My shot has really just been amazing here.

So far I have had about 30 hours of Spanish class. We all have already taught an investigator 3 times in 100% Spanish. Most of it was us reading our own translation of what we hoped we were teaching but it seemed to work out fine. We got him to pray for the first time yesterday and that was a really great feeling. The spirit felt here is so strong. I cried last testimony meeting due to some of the stories the Elders had and some of the music that was played. For some reason there are those few Hymns that just make you so emotional whenever you hear them. I have actually sung out loud and thought I sounded semi decent, probably not though.

We also held a missionary conference on Sunday. The set up was extremely similar to real conference. I hear that in the next month and a half one of the general authorities is suppose to come and speak here at the MTC. We won't know who it is until that day so I will let you know if/who shows up.

hasta luego (until later)


Elder Hosch

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