Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012

Well another week down in Mexico, only a few to go haha!

This week was great. Just another normal week really but we feel we
accomplished a lot.

The spanish is still coming along. Still have trouble understanding
what's being said. I can definitley see my speaking improve. Everyone
just says it will just click one day and I'm pretty sure that's what is
going to happen.

I see advertisments of movies all over buses, catching glances of
things from back home and just thinkng how lucky we are in the US. A
lot of people here do whatever they can just to makes ends meet, even
if it means duct taping their car together, washing their car with
newspaper, living with other families. But there have been times when
all 5 of us missionaries have visited a one room house, dirt floors, 1
bed, pretty, much nothing in the house and they sign up every week to
feed us for la comida.

Well story for this week.... we visited a place called San Juan de
Dios. We went there and basically just bought jerseys. I have about 7
jersys now and I didnt even spend $100 bucks. Haha you can pretty much
buy anything here you can in the US but a lot cheaper you just need to
know where to find it. I will try to think of a bunch of funny things
to tell you next week.

Well I'm excited to come home and see Avengers, Batman, and all those
awesome movies that will be coming out. I love you all and I will
hear from you next week!

MOM and DAD I sent my letter today and I think it takes 3 weeks to
arrive so look forward to that soon


April 23, 2012

What to say aboout this week...
Well we started and ended well. I had my first baptizm this week! She
seems like she will be a solid member. This week was definitely
stressful but we managed to get everthing done on top of the baptism
and all the goals we have to accomplish every week.

The [Gilbert, AZ] temple looks awesome!! I cant wait to come back and go through with
you guys.

Thanks for the picture of Zoe, her little begging look never gets old. Austin
looks like he is 6 foot 5 and 260lbs wow he looks so mature. Well I
ony have one picture to show everyone here and mom you're gonna like
this.... about half the people ask what my ´´sister's´´ name is and I'm
like.... uhhh thats my mom. Haha always "so pretty mamá." Adam I'm glad
that you're staying in volleyball! Who knows you may get a scholarship
for playing if you keep up the hard work. Your mission is going to be
easy for you if you keep up all your hard work!

Well I will try to remember pictures next week. we only had about 30 min
this week we just always busy with stuff to do! ç

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

April 16, 2012

Well another week has come and gone. We had divisions this Wednesday so I
finally had a full day with no English. All the Mexican elders are
encouraged to learn english but that doesnt always happen.

Well this week I had an interesing expierence at an investigator's house...
I had some type of weird food on Tuesday, good but different. Let's
just say that I dont think my stomach liked it too much. I made it to
the bathroom but I clogged the toilet. Here in Mexico a lot of
bathrooms don't have the whole back end, so to flush you take a big
bucket of water and pour it in. I didnt realize I clogged it so I
got *leftover food* all over the floor. It took about 20 minutes and a
big wire to unclogged and clean the mess.
Well hope that wasnt too gross for you! ive learned anything can
happen here haha. well until next week!!
Elder Hosch

Month 1

Date: April 09, 2012

 Hey everyone!
 Well this has been a crazy month getting used to everything. I am pretty comfortable here now so I think that will help with a lot of things. We have about 8 people planned to be baptized this week and I feel that at least 3 of them are for sure but only time will tell.

 Well things here are going and we always have lots to do. The people here are friendly for the most part. The food.... eh got old after the first 3 weeks haha. They use lime and chile for EVERYTHING here and all foods are salty and/or sour.

 It’s really strange that living here has really made me want to live in New York. I have no idea why and what I would do there for work but has recently caught my mind. My dream job would be to travel the world with professional athletes like snowboarders, surfers, skiers, and just video tape them or take pictures for them and while they are doing competitions.

 I have a lot of time to think in between appointments and wherever else we go. I am always thinking about my future. Where will I go to school and what for? Where do I want to live when I return? Just a lot of things like that and I really feel where I am right now and the things that I am doing are really preparing me for what is to come in the near future.

Funny story, we visited a less active member and we just went to invite them to church again. The dad told us how he was really close to finishing high school and he worked really hard for years. He then paused for a minute and looked at us and said that he ran out or bricks and concrete. We both expected him to say something really bad happened, but he was just making fun of himself really. It was very funny hahaha!
I miss all you at home. Things here are so different and I never knew how amazing we have things at home. The lifestyle is just so dramatically different. I am beginning to feel comfortable enough here to just go to work and do what I need to do. I defiantly look forward to the foods, lifestyle, and living conditions that I used to enjoy at home.

 Take care everyone and I look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Vaya bien

Elder Hosch


Date: March 26, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Elder Carter

Well everyone I survived another week here,
Thanks for all the e-mails everyone. Hearing about your stuggles makes me smile because im going through the exact same things RIGHT NOW haha. Looking back and my mission so far it seems like I've been gone for about a year. Hard to believe it's only been just barely 3 months.

But then again, just seeing the faith that I have now, the lives I feel I've changed already, and my own life I've changed, it's all been worth it so far. I definitely feel the prayers from home. There are times when you just wanna turn around and go home and end the day, but for some reason a drunk/high guy walks up to us and just makes us laugh. Oddly, it just makes me want to work harder. But whatever the reason, working harder and focusing on the people is truely the best way to make the time fly. My spanish is still bad enough for all the people to give me a confused look at times, but its all good. I'll get it down.

Tarik, thanks for the jerky and the pic of you and your family. The jerky lasted me about half a day, but un upset estomago full of jerky is a happy one. I definatly miss the Priests and and spanding time with you on outings. when i return in 19 months we need to go fishing, and catch some nice fish! (not the ¨fish¨ we found on our last outing during our cliff jumping)
Marc, Volleyball and sports in general have always been a passion of mine and look forward to play again with you and my family again.

Also, basketball and turkey ball and whatever other sports we do!
Thanks for all the support and the letters!

Bishop, since day one of you being the bishop, i remember one of the first things you said was that you want to make it a goal of yours to make sure every young man gets on a mission and i was really worried for awhile i wasnt going to go. i can tell you i am so glad that i am here for many reasons.
I love all of you and look forward to sharing more expierences with you in the week that follows. Until next week!!

Elder Hosch

Week 1 in Mexico

Date: March 12, 2012

Hello from Guadalajara, Mexico,
Well this has definitely been one of the hardest weeks yet. My companion's name is Elder Carter from Az, he´s white haha. Well so far things have been tough but at the same time very good. There have been several times where i just want to go home, but there are also those times where it is great. We have no food in the house, they gave me no money on the card I'm suppose to have, the language is tough to understand, it´s super hot, no water, and everone seems to know about SB10-70 and how ¨racist¨ we are. Every single type of drug is allowed here in small quanities, including being allowed to be drunk in public, drink and drive, and you can drive pretty much at any age. It´s crazy, there seem to be no traffic laws here, everyone just drives wherever they want to. Its funny you´ll see a family of 5 all on one motorcycle. Mom in back, dad driving. One kid is in between mom and dad, sometimes another in front of dad too and the mother is holding an infant in one arm so the baby is haning off the side. Things here are so hard but im not coming home until i know ive given 100 percent.

So yes today was p day and the whole district met and we played futbol together. We all took a bus down to the main shopping area and i got some cool nike futbol shoes. we also all ate little ceasers right by a walmart. Well my area is called Tapatio. Basically the whole area is hills and exactly what you would think Mexico is. Houses are small, nobody has carpet, and everyone turns part of there house into a small store kinda like your mexican 7-11. Well since Ihave no money right now I've basically just eaten lunch that members provide, and thats my only meal. There have been a few times we have gotten snacks and a coke at night but only a few.

Well not everything is negitive here. There is this one house we knocked and the guy let us in his ¨front porch¨ before we even said hello. As we talked with him Iunderstood a few things he was saying and Iundertood him say I ant to feel more peace and happiness in my life. So Ipulled out my picture book of Jesus being baptized and told him that Jsus set this example for us and how we can become happy. I then invited him to be baptized with a date and he said yes. (well he actually said creo que sí) ¨ That was a great expierence and Ilike all the Eders in my district.

There are 5 total white and about 11 natives. I understand more every day but people talk fast and at times its really hard.

On a side note, never send any money or any packages. My comp said that he found out his family sent like 6 packages and none came. Dont even risk it just save all the money. yeah culture shock is definaly in effect right now. I wish any of this was fun but well see how it goes. even church didnt feel right. SO strange. Not becuase i couldnt understand but almost nobody dresses up, they end church whenever they feel like there done. Well time was short online this week but hopefuly this week goes better. Love you!!

Bye family, Love elder hosch


Date: March 01, 2012
Area: MTC

Well today at 12 me and a few others got to drive down to Salt Lake and sign for our visas! I was definitely a reality shock when everything was in español. They said our visas will come in sometime tomorrow and we will leave Saturday or Monday so only a few more days until I am down in Mexico. Everyone I talk to says that Guadalajara is so beautiful and the food is fantastic.
On a side note, Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to speak to us Tuesday for the devotional. He is such a powerful speaker and is not afraid to say what needs to be said. We got to sit in the second row so we were about 20 feet away from him the entire time. It's weird not having one single person here from my district but all is well. Talk you you guys soon!!

Another change of plans

Date: February 27, 2012
Area: MTC

Well, Jeremy called today and said that after his companions left the MTC this morning for their temporary assignments, his Visa came in! So he won't be going to Kennewick after all. He'll be staying in the MTC and wait for his new travel plans. He is really happy and excited to start the next phase of his mission. More news to come when we have it!

Temporary Assignment

Date: February 23, 2012
Area: MTC

On Tuesday the 28th, Jeremy will head to Kennewick, Washington to serve there (Spanish-speaking) until his Mexican visa is processed.

Last week at the MTC

Date: February 21, 2012
Area: MTC

Another week down and less than one to go.

So it turns out that visas have not been getting done on time so I will be re-assigned this week. I will find out on Thursday where I will temporarily be re-assinged to. I am excited about this opportunity to visit and serve another part of the world before I head out to
Mexico. I am hoping to go to New York or somewhere in California. We will find out in just a few short days!

Our whole district got to become hosts for the new missionaries last Wed and will get to do that again tomorrow. Basically our job is
to take a few Elders on a tour of the MTC, show them where their room and classrooms are, and help gather all their materials. It is also
basically our job to drag the missionaries away from their crying parents, friends, girlfriends, and families. Seeing all the crying
people made me miss all of you so much!! I wont admit that I cried at
one point, but it was a really good expierence.

We have been teaching 2 investigators here in the MTC and they both
will be baptized this Saturday (they are our teachers who act as a person they taught while they were in the field). Since this is my last P-day time is short and there is lots to do
before we leave here in a few days. Thanks for all the love and

You will all definatly in the back of my head these next two years as
I am out serving. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Hosch

Week 6

Date: February 07, 2012
Area: MTC

Well the weeks just seem to fly by at this point. It seems like I just 

sent out a general e mail to all of you a few days ago. 

It turns out the whole prophet visiting was just a rumor but we did have 

2 Apostles come visit that night, which is still a huge deal. We had 

Russel M. Nelson and Jeffery R. Holland. Elder Nelson dedicated all 

the buildings again and was able to dedicate the new buildings that 

are just about to be completed. He did that in front of all the 

missionaries. That was definatly a cool expierence. 


One experience I would like to share with everyone is when we visited 

the Temple this last Sunday. We were all just out for a walk to the 

Temple and we rarely see other people there. So when we got to where 

all the benches were, I noticed 2 Hispanic people with a child. This 

child was about 10 or so and they were all reading the Book of Mormon. 

I decided to walk over and talk with them. I started off in English 

but when I found out that the father spoke very little English I 

immediately switched to Español. I asked, ¿Puede compartir me 

testimonio para ustedes (can I share my testimony with you) the woman 

said yes. In complete Spanish I stared off telling her that I knew 

that the book she was reading was the word of God. I told her that I 

knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he was visited by Jesus and His 

father. I also said I knew that through the power of God he was able 

to translate that book. I told her that I was thankful for my family 

and the oppotunity to learn and teach about the Atonement. I told her 

this was the true church and that I was thankful for the opportunity 

to be a part of it. 


When i was about halfway done bearing my testimony to this woman that 

I had never met before, she started to cry. She told me afterward 

that she was able to understand every word I said and thanked me for 

sharing my testimony with her. She had been a member for 13 years 

while her husband only 2 years. She often goes to sit outside the 

Temple with her family in hopes that one day she will not have to go 

in alone. Her husband still has not recieved the priesthood and seemed 

to stuggle with his testimony. This woman I talked to seemed to have a 

very stong testimony and said that when I find the rest of her family 

down in Guadalajara that I need to promise her that I will share my 

testimony with them too. 


What a powerful and uplifing that expierence was for me. If I get to 

do that every day down in Mexico it will be so easy. I love all of you 

and hope that you all have had a terrific week! 


I will keep in touch as often as I can.


Love, Elder Hosch

Week 5

Date: January 31, 2012
Area: MTC

Well another week down!
Tonight we are anticipating over 200 guests! We believe the Prophet will be here tonight so that will be a once in a lifetime expierence as a missionary.

Well this has been a pretty average week. Classes are going great and the Spanish is definitly improving. I like being here and having the opportunity to get to know myself. Living on my own has made me really think about all the things at home and there is a lot that I miss.
I still love every Tuesday we get the international missionaries in our floor and we get to hear all sorts of stories. Last week we had a 6 foot 5 Elder from Jamaica.

We have a guy in our zone from Yorkshire, England. Yeah for all of you who thought that Spanish was funny when Mexicans speak it, let me tell you I wanna laugh so hard when this elder speaks Spanish with an English accent. We're good friends, though, and after my mission he wants me to visit him in England. That would be great.
Well I hope all of you guys are doing well. all is good here in Utah.
Great weather right now.

Time is short today and I will try to have more interesing e mail next week. LOVE AND MISS ALL OF YOU
Love always,
Elder Hosch

Week 4

Date: January 24, 2012
Area: MTC

Buenos dias,
Well it has been snowing since yesterday morning here in the state of Utah. I love the snow and it just makes me want to go snowboarding so bad.

I joined the choir and we sing for the first time tonight at the devotional. I think I did ok; I am singing as a tenor so well see how that goes. The good thing is that there are about 100 other people so no matter how bad or good iI sound nobody will be able to tell.

The days here sure do fly by really quick. I am almost ready to head off to Mexico and I'm sure once I get there the time will fly by so fast.

I sent my SD card home today so the first pictures of me since I left should be arriving any day now. I took over 200 pictures along with about 5 minutes total of video. I am sure my dad will forward some of the highlights to all of you guys.

My goal this week is to lose 5 of the 15 pounds that i have gained here so far. Everyone says that you lose it really quickly out in the field and to not worry about it but I dont want to chance that hahaha.
We will be getting a new DL (district leader) today or tomorrow and nobody knows who it is yet and it seems like everyone wants that role. There are 9 Elders in our district and 0 girls. We definitely dont hold anything back in class we are just a bunch of wild guys sometimes. Fridays are the worst because we are stuck in class for 9 hours straight besides lunch and that's when we definitely get out of control, but it's all good fun.

We quote movies, sing Disney songs, and last night we made our teacher almost cry out of laughter because me and two other elders were making Star Wars noises. For those of you who don't know all the teachers are fresh return missionaries so they are between the ages of 21 to 25 usually so getting them to join in the jokes and the pranks is pretty easy.

Love all of you guys and if you choose to hand write some hand letters they are always appreciated!!

Elder Jeremy Hosch

Week 3

Date: January 17, 2012
Area: MTC

Dear friends and family, 


Last Tuesday after I e-mailed all of you guys we had our usual 

Tuesday night devotional. The speaker that night was Russell M. Nelson 

from the Quorum of the 12. Rumors are going around that our last 

devotional that our district will have here will be some special 

occasion because the Presidency will be at that devotional. So, there 

is a great chance that the Prophet may come and speak to use at the 

end of the month of Feb, or maybe even one of his counselors! 


But this week has flown by. We got to see the first district leave 

last Sunday night. That whole group of people will be serving in Leon, 

Mexico. They had four or five amazing singers in their group and when 

they sang a song together on Sunday I think about everyone cried. They 

sang Til We Meet all in Spanish but everyone knew the song and it 

sounded so beautiful. 


A lot of people have been talking about college here and their first 

few semesters they had in college. I definitely want to go live close 

to college when I get home.


Chris (Kerr), I remember our little convos we had about college and I laugh 

about it every time someone brings up rolling out of bed in the 

morning and just going to class as is. 


The people working at the postal office here in the MTC decided that 

MLK was a holiday they should take off so nobody got any mail for 

three days! This was definitely a long weekend but the week always 

seems to fly by. Every Tuesday you will see the missionaries from out 

of the country come in throughout the day. It is very cool to be among 

so many different people all for the same purpose. 


i am writing letters tonight that I will be sending off tomorrow 

morning to you guys. If you could send a big bag of peanut M&M's at 

some point that would be the perfect treat to sit and snack on. I miss 

you guys a lot and I hope to hear from the priest quorum and a handful 

of people soon. We have our devotional at seven and my time is about 

up so have a great night and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Love your son and your Elder, 


Elder Hosch
Date: January 10, 2012
Area: MTC

Well this has yet been another great week at the MTC. It went by faster than last week for sure. I have seen Dallin Ray, Trey Reed, Todd Shumway, Clint Farnsworth, Brandon Talbot (Josh went to school with him), and one of Casey Michaels companions is my teacher. His name is Hermano Bills.
Anyway, last saturday when we woke up, we had gotten about a half foot of snow. From what i have heard it was the first snow they have had all winter. It was great to be in the snow again. It puts you in a different kind of mood.
Thank you for all the letters and yes dad I did recieve the package for new years. Our district didnt do anything special for new years just another day. Everyone else had parents send them Martinellies and cups and all the other people who have been here for more than a few weeks celebrated. Its crazy to see the diversity of people here. There are a small group of people speaking Hmomb, or Mong, or Mogn idk how to spell it but I have never heard it before.
Classes are getting more interesting. We now have 2 investigators that we will be teaching, one every day, for the rest of the time we are here. All the lessons have to apply to them, have to be in 100% spanish, and about 30 minutes long. It's a challenge right now but I hear it gets really easy.
Being away from home is hard at times but looking forward to what I'll be doing I think I'll be so glad to come home 2 years from now and feel like I've helped a lot of people down in Mexico. It's so good to hear that Jake made it home safe. I really am gonna miss that guy. Seeing everyone in the ward is gonna be crazy when I get back. Everyone will look so grown up. All the priests that are home now will be gone serviing missions, and all the teachers will be preparing to go.
I think if you guys attached pictures we can look at them. I've seen several other people doing it so im 99% sure we can look at them.
I have memeory cards that I need to send home but dont know the best way to do it. Also, i mentioned in one of my letters that you may not have gotten yet, that I found an extra jacket i would like to send home.
I'll talk to you guys next week! letters would always be nice now matter how long or short they are.

January 3, 2012
Hello everyone!

This has been a very interesting week thus far in the MTC. The first few days were so long and slow. The days seem to go by faster and faster now. I feel like im already in the swing of things and the language is constantly developing. I can already say simple prayers, basic testimony, some conversation, and teaching. I actually have 2 companions. Both Elders are from Idaho. There names are Elder O'Brien and Elder Terrill, both are going to Guadalajara East Mexico.

Food here is amazing. 3 times a day I get to induldge in an endless buffet. If Icome back fat, it is all the MTC's fault. haha. Our district consists of 9 people. Everyone in there is going to Mexico. 4 Elders are going to Chihuahua and the rest to Guadalajara East.

How are the PHX SUNS doing? I really wish the NBA could figure out what they were doing 2 months ago. i was only able to watch a few Lakers and Magic games. Basketball here is really fun. My shot has really just been amazing here.

So far I have had about 30 hours of Spanish class. We all have already taught an investigator 3 times in 100% Spanish. Most of it was us reading our own translation of what we hoped we were teaching but it seemed to work out fine. We got him to pray for the first time yesterday and that was a really great feeling. The spirit felt here is so strong. I cried last testimony meeting due to some of the stories the Elders had and some of the music that was played. For some reason there are those few Hymns that just make you so emotional whenever you hear them. I have actually sung out loud and thought I sounded semi decent, probably not though.

We also held a missionary conference on Sunday. The set up was extremely similar to real conference. I hear that in the next month and a half one of the general authorities is suppose to come and speak here at the MTC. We won't know who it is until that day so I will let you know if/who shows up.

hasta luego (until later)


Elder Hosch