Monday, September 23, 2013


Wow, it's so hard to believe that Adam will be leaving. It's also weird to be in the process of everyone joking around with me saying that I am going home so soon. I's hard to believe. I'm ready, though. I feel like it anyway. I've seen videos of Landon and heard you (mom) and Josh and Jess in the background, how weird that is!

This week was really interesting. I went to the hospital twice for two different reasons. Tuesday we noticed something on my upper lip. After we got done eating the same day, no nose started to inflate like a balloon. Pus started to come out so we went to the hospital to check it out. Turns out I've got a skin infection. I got medicine and rested for two days and later had an allergic reaction. My neck and face started to get red spots all over it and it itched really bad. My eyes had grey bubbles in them. I'm good for right now, seems like we are going to get soaking wet because it's pouring out.

Til next time.

Elder Hosch (Jeremy, since now there are two!)

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