Monday, September 23, 2013


well guys here is the weekly report! 
We found a new investigator that seems like he could progress real 
fast and he went to church on sunday with his less active girlfriend. 
Thats how we found him... we have few investigators but they seem like 
they really wanna hear the Gospel so thats a plus right? 
I had a great birthday and enjoyed all the birthday wishes from all of 
you. I get along super well with my companion so that always makes the 
mission fun. Today we celebrated the mexican indepenence day. They 
take 1000s of military and march around Mexico City so it was kinda 
interesting to see. We ate whats call eggs in their soup. it was 
basically chile in scrambled eggs. i really enjoyed it. of course we 
ate it with tortilla :) the food here is amazing and its funny that i 
dont really miss too many things from home. there have been a few 
things but im doing just fine! 
Its kinda cool being one of the older missionaries. We had divisions this weekend and i was with a brand new elder from Indiana and he didnt speak a lick of spanish. im so 
glad that i dont struggle with that anymore. I enjoy speaking spanish 
and i think it will become part of my future job...well see... 
We have zone conference this wed with pres. I always enjoy them 
because its always nice to just sit down and relax. We talk about a 
lot of things and almost every zone conference there are big changes 
so well see what the pres has in store for us this week. 
I am still in Morelia but im not sure what the address is. i always 
want to write it down so you guys can google map it but i always 
Well we gotta go we have a family home evening today and we gotta get 
prepared for it so wish us luck!! hope everyone is well and i miss 
you all. take care and ill talk to yall next week! 
elder hosch 

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