Monday, September 23, 2013


Well after a long weekend im here again in Morelia. I had to go to Guadalajara to sign papers. Apparently an Elder that works in the offices lost about 80,000 pesos and we had to sign something saying that we had nothing to do with it or something like that so i had a little mini vacation. It was good to see all the guys from my generation again. A lot of them know their flight plans and everything. I still dont know mine but you guys will know when i do dont worry :)
Things are starting to pick up here in the area. thanks for the prayers and everything. There have been a lot of those weird situations when we find people out of nowhere. We still dont know them really well but we will try to visit them all this week and make sure that they start to progress. The mission is changing fast and its wierd that its all coming to an end...
Adam its great to hear that all is going well with the language. It seems super tough and so im super happy that you are getting the hang of it! im glad also that you are super pumped to be in the mission. im super glad that you and i can share this time both as ELDERS.
It seems like just 2 weeks ago dad told me about his triathalon. Im sure it went super well and you felt good to be with the AZtriclub again. Thats one thing i regret is leaving the Hoschiman and AZtriclub shirts at home but real soon ill be able to sport them again. Well have to start training together, i know its a bit easier that way.
Zone conference was good, good and long. 7 hours was a little brutal but its always nice to be with the President and his wife. He seems a lot more relaxed this time and was even joking around a bit. He has always been a straight edged guy so it was cool to see him loosen up. They are focusing a lot on learing the language in the mission. Even the latin missionaries are to learn english in their missions and its cool that everyone comes to me asking for help.
Well folks, thats it for this week. I love you all and thanks so much for the support and and all that is done for the work of the Lord. Everyone take care!
Elder Hosch

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