Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 18, 2013

So i opened up my e-mail today and found that the mission office sent me my last 2 week package. Basically it just says that i need to work hard even though i have two weeks left and that i should make it a goal to baptize me last week here. As you guys know, we had a baptism planned last weekend and im glad to tell you all that it was a success! She chose me to baptise her so it was an honor to be able to be part of that. She was already well prepaired by the Lord for us so that helped a lot as well. 

The other investigator that we have has recieved her answer! We have familiy home evenings every sunday in the house of a member. The investigator is the daughter of the sister who has the family home evenings every sunday. T, our investigator, has talked with missionaries before but never saw the need to get baptized. My companion has taught me that we never need to tell people that our church is the only church, and we should never say that the other churches are in the wrong, but that we should teach using pure doctrine and they well start to see that we have all that Jesus Christ established here in the Earth 2000 years ago. Her prayers are so sincere and we see a lot of progress lately. In the beginning she had a negitive attitude about learning and didnt even want to hear the word baptism, but now her only worries that we see is choosing who will baptize her my last weekend here in México.

Wow, i cant believe the things that i have learned the last few weeks here in the mission. I was always so focused on the people getting baptized that i forgot that they have their agency and that they will have to make thier own choices. If i just teach with the Spirit and allow them to understand the doctrine of Christ, they will choose to be baptized if it is there time. If they are not ready, well i just have to understand that they arent ready and keep healing them progress.

Another natural disaster in Adam´s mission....How scary but im sure your learning a lot right now huh bud? i miss you man! i think the power went out here once for a day or so but other than that nothing too major has happened here. 

The work continues strong here in our area. We meet new less active members almost every day and that helps us keep working. At times as missionaries get into the habit of visiting the same people and we dont see to much progress but i think that its been a blessing that my companion and i dont know our area and that we can keep getting to know people and offer them service. The bishop told us that there hadnt been baptisms in over 6 months here in our area even though there are 4 missionaries so we felt really special to have baptized in a short amount of time that we have here. We will hopefully baptize again next weekend as i mentioned earlier.

I heard a christmas song yesterday and it brought a huge smile to my face. I think part of it is that i know that ill be home again for christmas and the other part is that i have always love chirstmas time. Ill go to wal mart every day just to see and smell christmas stuff!! hahaha

I look forward to seeing yall very soon. Pray for T so that she can be baptized the next weekend! i love you guys!

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