Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well guys, this may be my last P day! Its been great to have talked with all of you throughout the mission and share my many experiences. I am glad to say that this weekend we will have another baptism! Our investigator has already decided that I will baptize her so that i can have´´the grand finish´´. It's truly been quite an experience teaching her. Many missionaries before have taught many things and she just didnt want to accept. She hesitated us visiting her in the beginning but after teaching with scriptures and helping her understand what we were teaching her attitude changed and she was more interested in the message. 

I think that i mentioned that we had interviews with our mission president last week, and we did! He decided to do my final interview. So, Presidente basically said thanks for my service, asked to share with him a few things and said that i should but a goal to get married within the next few years. It was pretty strange hearing my mission president say those kinds of things and i laughed for feeling a little uncomfortable, he did too. It was a good interview and he helped me realized that my mission was to help ME more than it was to help others. We learn by serving others and it was just a good and spiritual interview.

The members are spoiling me this week. I have a good bye party thursday and friday. Thursday they will make me bbq ribs and friday tacos with a bunch of good meat of which i do not know the english name. Basically its really good meat filled with grease, aka the best meat for basically ANY type of food. I think sometimes the memebrs are more excitied that i get to see my family than i am sometimes, they make me laugh.

IM still not sure if i will have time to write this monday but if not ill see you guys over there in the good ole USA and we can talk in person. :) This week we have many appointments and a lot to do wo im sure it will fly by and the week will be over before i even realize it. Im super glad that many of you have supported me during my mission, the prayers and the letters. I miss you all and im bummed that the ward will not be the same ward that i left but i never told people anything but that i was representing Fairview ward :) I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Jeremy Roland Hosch

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